I write this early in the morning, at 6:20 in the A.M to be precise. I am doing this this early why? Because I’m tired and fed up with us! Yes us Kenya’s. I’d say Africans but I’d rather start with home. They say charity begins at home, don’t they. I am proud to be […]

Existential Crisis

The toughest thing about being a millennial is that everyone is busy hiding and underplaying their emotions. People no longer believe and hope as much, People don’t do things or love passionately, People merely exist. It’s sad. It’s also tough for people like me, like us who have no in betweens, For people who give […]


There are battles we fight not to win but to sharpen skill, There are songs we sing not to inspire but to let out, There are words we speak not to communicate but to reach out, There are silent screams we intend to be loud, Stares cold into a future we see not, Hopes high […]

Day 4

Love. Friendship.Trust. Without love friendships cannot exist, without friendships trust is hard to build, without trust love is meaningless. A vicious cycle. 10th September 2016

Day 2

The moment I start to fight to prove my love, I loose. I may win his heart back but I loose all originality. Coz a love untamed cannot be put into words.Cannot be contained.It can only be experienced. A woman isn’t wired for war, unless it’s a war of passion. For her heart is attached […]

Day 3

When  you impact on someone’s life, in a positive way, all the past pain or hurt associated with your experience with them disappears. Opening someone else’s eyes to see a world you believe in, a world where love lives,where love doesn’t need the prefix ‘real’ is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. ~A Hopeless […]

A story of an unnamed…

This is the story of a girl… It all plays out in her head as she stares out of her bedroom’s window, curled up in a ball trying to suppress the pain caused by her heart breaking into pieces, shatte… Source: A story of an unnamed…