A story of an unnamed…

This is the story of a girl…


It all plays out in her head as she stares out of her bedroom’s window, curled up in a ball trying to suppress the pain caused by her heart breaking into pieces, shattering right in front of her eyes. The glass window she’s staring at is shattering mimicking the pattern that’s her heart. The glass cracks up and breaks. It’s all in slow-motion in her eyes. Her world is almost at a standstill and she can see everything as it moves. She swears she can see the wind move at this instance.

The object that broke the window is still in motion coming towards her and she does nothing; not a flinch nor a duck. She’s numb and not a part of her can move, not a limb nor the blood in her veins. She moves and feels nothing except her heart and the pain of its shatter.

The window she’s watching consoles her, makes her feel that there is a part of the universe conspiring not against her. She can see her image break and she’s no more. The object that broke the glass hits her head and just before the world turns dark, she senses the very last of things; hears the glass hitting the floor, tastes the blood in her mouth, feels the softness of her sheets, smells her fears and sees the man she loved standing on the other side.

She stops feeling the pain and her eye lets out a tear drop, and finally she senses peace! The darkness calms her nerves and she feels at home; saved from the pain.


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