Existential Crisis


The toughest thing about being a millennial is that everyone is busy hiding and underplaying
their emotions.
People no longer believe and hope as much,
People don’t do things or love passionately,
People merely exist.

It’s sad.

It’s also tough for people like me, like us who have no in betweens,
For people who give it their all,
People who still believe in crossing rivers and climbing mountains for the ones we love.

People who genuinely want to help, not for the show but because something deep in us wants to,
A desire from which we draw our strength to live everyday from.

Good deeds and making others happy.

For in service there’s a joy grater than self gratification.

I need not the praise of a thousand men.
All I need is love given in full measure, what you are capable of, not to match mine or those around you, but simply a measure that’s worth your all.

It’s a great risk, we risk loosing it all if we give it all,
But there’s a joy unending that’s drawn from such experiences, even after all is lost.

If there’s one thing I’d change if given the power to,
It would be people’s fear of losing.
For in it, very many risk living but not being alive.

I have been sucked into that hollowness and it’s not interesting.
I felt, I feel like I am having an existential crisis or something of the sorts.

My soul feels drained and dried out.

I am weak and sad, I’m afraid and uncertain.
I am not myself.


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