A story of an unnamed…

This is the story of a girl… It all plays out in her head as she stares out of her bedroom’s window, curled up in a ball trying to suppress the pain caused by her heart breaking into pieces, shattering right in front of her eyes. The glass window she’s staring at is shattering mimicking […]

When September Ends

July has come to an end, my month, has come to a close, it soon will be September, and please wake me up when it ends. They sang a song saying so, in truth I think they ment July instead. A child born is given honey n pepper to taste, to induct them to the […]


They say roses are red, but I’ve seen pink, orange and white ones too. Violets are blue, but ain’t violet a shade of purple? This is how love poems begin, is it not it? Does it mean that if I start mine different, it won’t count as one? I honestly don’t know! Roses are pink, […]

Doctor, doctor!

Doctor, doctor, I think I have a fever, or is it a flu,I dunno what they call it but I surely feel sickly. Doctor, doctor, do you have a cure? or some quick remedy, I really need it! Doctor,doctor, stop ignoring me, I’m talking to you Mr. I think a bug bit me, and now I […]

Prejudiced Prey

My mind is in a trance and my body is numb. I can’t feel a thing and I feel afloat. Like one of those out of body experiences. My head hurts, must have been the strong drink of yesternight. The only consolation are the silk sheets rubbing and caressing my skin. In all the hell […]


I write this early in the morning, at 6:20 in the A.M to be precise. I am doing this this early why? Because I’m tired and fed up with us! Yes us Kenya’s. I’d say Africans but I’d rather start with home. They say charity begins at home, don’t they. I am proud to be […]